2018 Winter Trends and a peek at the 2019 Summer Trends

Hi guys, today I am doing my first fashion article! Today we are starting with the last winter trends of 2018! So click the read more below to know more….

4 colour trends to carry out

  • Ultra Violet: This colour was named colour of the year 2018 by Pantone and can be worn in almost any style.
  • Sargasso Sea: This is the perfect blue for the winter season.This style can also be layered for those who prefer layering.
  • Quiet Gray: This colour might sound dull but several designers have made it into the perfect cozy winter colour to cropped hoodies to fur jumpers.
  • Elegant Black: Black really can’t go out of style. From fringes to layers, patterns and metallic style black is every and can be paired with almost anything.

Styles to wear

  • Animal prints: Yes, animal prints are more autumn than winter but black an white will still work!This year’s change is the head- to-toe policy.
  • Leather dress: Going to a business meeting or a formal party? Well, leather is the way to go!
  • Capes: Capes are so in this season! From stiff and straight to soft and cozy capes can be worn over almost everything!
  • Silver: From silver skirts to silver gowns the designers are going wild with this trend.
  • Pleats: This style can be worn on pants, skirts and gowns. it can also come in different colours.

  Sneak peek of the 2019 Summer Trends!

  •  Sunshine shades: yup, shades like sunburnt yellow, rusty red and more are back!
  • Floral and leaf prints: are perfect for the 2019 summer/spring. Whether it be a formal gown or a casual t-shirt, floral is back!
  • Bleached denim: Last but not least bleached denim is the perfect casual style to try.

The End


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