5 DIY Christmas Decorations

Hi guys, Christmas is around the corner and if you still don’t have any decorations… here are some easy Christmas decorations you can make at home! Read on to know more!

5 DIY decorations

  1. Cone Christmas trees: For these you will need paper, green coloured yarn/string, glue, stapler scissors  and colourful sequins/buttons.       First roll the paper into a cone shape. Staple and cut the excess so it can stand firmly.                                                                                   Then apply glue all over the cone (only the outside) and wrap the yarn/string all over the cone. Apply the sequins/buttons of your choice and voila you miniature tree is ready!
  2. DIY snow globe: For these you will need a clear container,strong glue, glitter/fake snow, distilled water,a waterproof toywhich fits your container easily.                                                                             Stick your toy to the inside pat of the lid with strong glue.Fill the the container with distilled water and add glitter/fake snowand secure the lid (the toy shold be fimly secured).Turn the container upside down and watch the snow fall!
  3. Salt dough ornaments: To make the dough you will need 1 cup of salt, 2 cups of flour and3/4 to 1 cup of water.                                        In a bowl mix the ingredients to make a thick dough.                           Lay it out on a tray and use cookie cutters to cut out shapes of your ornaments and make small whole on the top of ornament.              Let them dry. Once dried tie a ribbon through the hole and paint the ornament whatever you want.                                                                YOUR ORNAMENT IS READY!
  4. Mason Jar candles: For these you will need mason jars, Epsom salt, glitter, candles, glue and ribbon.                                                           Mix the Epsom salt and glitter. Apply glue over the mason jars, make sure it doesn’t drip.Cover the jar with the Epsom salt mixture.   Let it dry. Put and small candle inside the jar. make a bow on the top of the jar. YOUR CANDLES ARE READY!
  5. Christmas ornament frame: You need a frame, a few ball ornaments, string, spray paint and glue. Remove the back and front of your frame. Paint your frame red, green or white.                                        Attach the ornaments to the strings. glue each string to the top of the frame so the ornaments are dangling the in the frame. YOU ARE DONE!

                                                              The End

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!



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