Back to school life hacks!!

        Here are some school hacks to make school a LOT easier(Trust me).

Let’s start!!


  • When you want/need to memorize something write it in blue ink not black ink. studies have shown that you memorize faster if you write with blue ink.
  • Colour the edge of your notebooks/textbooks a different colour so you don’t get confused between them.
  • Having mints actually help you study.
  • When you start a new notebook, leave the first few pages empty for a table of contents.
  • To draw a circle without a compass take two pencils and tie them with a string. Use one as the center and the other to draw the circle!
  • When you study make sur you have everything you need so you don’t get distracted to go and get something.
  • Make flashcards(you even can laminate with clear tape).
  • Highlight the main notes!
  • Writing down stuff is 7 times better for memorizing than speaking out loud!
  • Make dividers for your notes in your file.
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