Explosive Etna

FireHot , Explodia , Catastrophia , Lavani   and Pressure were playing in the volcanic mountain – Etna. That’s when Explodia suddenly stopped at a crack in the crust. Soon everyone had gathered there. Explodia asked – “Should we create another volcanic explosion”? Oh no, said Hot who was a little more sensible than the others. “What do you mean – Hot”, said Fire. “Don’t tell me that you didn’t like the last time we went up there”. Hot said, “I did enjoy it, but remember, what a catastrophe Catastrophia made way back in 1673, 1766 and 2002? Now you say we do it again in 2008?” That’s when Catastrophia came in and said, “What! Are you talking about the explosion me and Pressure had created? That was really fun.” Lavani added- “Slipping down Etna was like a dream”.  Soon Pressure joined in. “Hey Hot – Don’t forget the heat and smoke you made!”

After sometime, Hot said, “Okay fine! You guys win. LET’S DO THIS!”

They finally reached the caldera of Etna. “I can’t get through. Why does this always have to happen when I just want to explode out there?” exclaimed Explodia. “Calm down girl, I’ll help”, said Pressure.

“One, Two, Three and bang – come on everybody, let’s get this party started. Hot, where are you? Let’s create the heat and smoke”, shouted Explodia. “I’m here, let’s go! “Said Hot. Poof! Let Hot and Explodia show their skills. “Lavani, I thought you wanted to slip down the Etna slopes”, said Fire. “Wildfires…Here I come!” continued Fire.

Now only Catastrophia and Pressure were left. Here they come. Pressure – come on, Catastrophia is here! Whee! All the friends came out of Etna, created the explosion and explored the outer crust. What a smoky day, it was!

Fifteen minutes later…

Guys let’s go. We are tired, said both Lava and Fire. “Okay, it’s been an amazing day”, replied Catastrophia. “Here we are”, said Hot and Explodia. “We rock”.

Off went all the friends back into their home – deep down into the mantle of Etna.

Back at home, all the other friends gathered and shouted – “Why didn’t you call us? We could also have so much fun!” Soon a friendly fight began and another volcano erupted; this time with all the friends.

The end….

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