Green Goblin

Tara was watching her favourite show called “Audience Applause”. Her best friend Lia was singing. Her performance was amazing. Then as the show ended and the audience stood up to applause, she saw a green goblin waving his hand. Suddenly the noise of the applause got louder and louder. Tara was puzzled.

When Lia came back from the show, Tara told her about the green goblin. Lia just laughed telling her she was being ridiculous. Tara showed her the video and pointed to the green goblin. Lia became excited. “Yes Tara, you are correct. He is a green goblin and I think he is increasing the level of applause”, exclaimed Lia.

“But how can we know for sure”, asked Tara. “Listen, zoom in the video. There, can you see his seat number?” Asked Lia. “Yes, it’s C13”, replied Tara. “Fine, now I’ll record all the shows this month and we’ll watch for the seat number the goblin sits on each time”, said Lia. “Fine Lia, see you tomorrow. Bye!”, said Tara as Lia went home.

After a few weeks, both Lia and Tara noticed that the goblin never changed his seat.  One fine day – “Tara, I booked two seats for ‘Audience Applause’ so that we can watch the goblin Live”, squealed Lia as she was very excited. “What’s the seat number?” asked Tara, equally excited. “C14 and C15 – right next to the goblin”, replied Lia. “Yeah! Audience Applause, here we come”, yelled Tara.

After a few days…”I can’t wait for the show to start”, squealed Tara. “What is more exciting – capturing the goblin or seeing the ‘Audience Applause’ Live?”, asked Lia. “A little of both”, said Tara. “Okay, but that doesn’t mean you have to pack your ropes and water pistols”, said Lia. “Why do you need them?”. “Just for emergency”, replied Tara. “Yeah! if we can get them past the security check” said Lia with sarcasm. “Good Point”, said Tara. “So we aren’t packing anything?” “Exactly, because the taxi has just arrived”, said Lia. “Do come on”.

Then, when they reached the theatre, they got the passes strapped on their wrists. Tara suddenly spoke, “Lia, once you get to the seat, remove the chip from your pass”. “Why?” asked Lia. “I’ll tell you later”, said Tara mysteriously.

Once they got to their seats, Tara said, “I have a feeling that the chip is the device via which the goblin controls the audience. I also think the chip makes people see him in human form. So, let’s remove the chips so that we can see him in goblin form”. “Yeah!” yelled Lia, “Let’s do this!”. “Shhhh….Calm down”, said Tara. “So, here’s the plan. We are going to steal the goblin’s device and stick our chips on to him”, continued Tara. “But why are we sticking both of our chips on the goblin”? Questioned Lia. “Because, that way, we will be able to control the goblin.” said Tara. “But, why both” asked Lia. “Because, he is a goblin and one chip may not be strong enough to control him”, replied Tara. “Okay, quiet! I can see the green goblin approaching.” whispered Tara.

Once the green goblin was seated, it was confirmed that only they could see him as a goblin, while others saw him as a human. Then the drama started. Tara snatched the device that was disguised as a phone, while Lia stuck their chips on to the goblin. But the goblin snatched the device from Tara’s hand, while she was programming it. Then, he dragged them to one of the empty conference rooms on top of the theatre. There, he knocked Tara out with a kick and spoke, “Don’t try to mess with me”. Then he faced Lia and aimed a punch on her. Luckily, Lia had trained in martial arts for five years and managed to block him. Then she tried to kick him. Unfortunately, the goblin was smart enough to block it. Soon there was a fight – a kick! Bam! Punch! Block! Soon Tara recovered and joined the fight. After a furious fifteen minutes, they managed to knock the goblin out. Tara gave Lia a “high five”. “Well Done Lia, you were amazing!” praised Tara. “Now let’s go to the police”, replied Lia. “Not so fast”, said a deep man’s voice. They didn’t realize what an awful lot of noise they were making. So Lia whispered, “It’s time for Plan B”. She jumped up and started a new battle, as Tara tried to phone the police. But, her battery had died out and Lia’s phone was broken. Fortunately, Lia managed to lock the man in the store room. Then wiping her forehead, Lia asked, “What happened, where is the police?” Tara quickly told what happened. Lia said, “It’s okay, I have a plan, Tara, grab the goblin’s device and program him to follow us to the police station”. “Why should I program the goblin to the police station”? asked Tara. “So that we have proof, silly. Now do it!” replied Tara.

So, they programmed the goblin to follow them out of the theater and to the police station. Over there, Lia narrated the whole story, while Tara filled in the places which she missed. At the end of the story, the police officer closed his book and said, “Well, I think you guys have done an amazing job at fooling us. You literally think we will listen to a kid’s story, especially one with a goblin in it? What! Goblins don’t even exist!” Lia stared at the police officer with a strange look on her face. “Tara, bring the goblin”, ordered Lia. Tara obeyed as she was stunned. She had never seen this side of Lia before. Lia took the goblin from her and placed it in front of the policeman. Now, the police officer looked stunned and spoke in a much humbler voice. “I will have to check if it is a real goblin. In the meantime, please wait at the reception”.

After half an hour, the police officer emerged. “The goblin has been tested and been proved real. Your story also has been accepted as a true story. The inspector wants you to meet him. Please come with me to his room” Tara and Lia went in the room and found themselves in front of the inspector himself. The inspector smiled and spoke, “You must be Lia and Tara. Please have a seat. I know your story and want to congratulate you guys”. “Thanks, but we didn’t exactly do anything great”, said Lia. “No, that’s wrong”, said the inspector. “You guys have solved a mystery that we police have been working for ages and this is all the evidence we needed!” ”What do you mean”, asked Tara. “Well, we always had suspicion on this channel, but we never had a serious case to report. Many of our men were trying to understand the sound of the applause, but they probably had chips stuck to their uniform. But you guys figured it out and I think the whole police force has to thank you. Hope you guys become detectives when you grow up.”

“Thank You Sir “, said Tara. “You are welcome. Anyways, what do you want for a reward?” asked the inspector. “Nothing Sir, we have what we need, a story to share with our friends and family”, said Lia cheekily. Then the inspector chuckled and said, “Well, here’s something else to brag about.” The inspector gave them both two badges with the words – “Junior Detectives” printed on them. Tara gasped, “Is this the badge given to the junior detective squad of the country members?”. “Yes”, replied the inspector, “As you have solved a mystery and been a great help to the police, this is your reward.” “It’s been a pleasure. Thank you very much. I think we should go now. Bye!” said Tara.

Then she dragged Lia to her apartment where they squealed with joy. Then, when they finally calmed down, Lia spoke, “Do you think we might be detectives?” “Let’s hope we get to solve enough mysteries to become one”, replied Tara, as she slipped her hands into Lia’s and went for a long walk. “Don’t forget, it all started when the audience stood up to applause”.


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